Health and Safety during the Coronavirus Outbreak

For the duration of the coronavirus pandemic Rose Bowl will be operating under enhanced health and safety measures. These are updated on a regular basis as goverment advices changes and we learn the best ways of keeping everyone safe.

Measures include

  • Extra regular cleaning and sanitising is in place, especially of high contact areas and toilets.
  • Hand santitiser is available at the entrance to all areas.
  • Young people are given advice leaflets containing core government saftey messages around health, hygiene, travel and social distancing and this emphasised in conversations with youth workers and facilitators, especially on the first visit.
  • Young people aged 12+ are asked to wear face coverings (unless they are exempt or doing an activity that is exempt) full government guidelines are here
  • Phased return to the youth programme with numbers controlled through bookings. We have significantly reduced the number of people that will be allowed in the building at any one time.
  • Children 8-12 organised into 'bubbles' of no more than 15 for play activities.
  • Programme start and end times are staggered to minimise the number of people arriving and leaving at any one time.
  • Access routes to diffferent areas have been modified.
  • Windows and doors will be left open to maximise airflow.
  • All staff have had relevant training and been consulted in the development and implementaion of the measures. 
  • Specific control measures are developed for each activity and this is on relevant webpages
Last updated: 26/8/2020 11:27AM